Terms & Conditions


In case you are making an order and a pre-order together, please finalise one cart before doing the other.


For your own convenience you'll receive two separate  invoices.


Paying for the Pre-Order


1) At the time of the order, 30% of the total order amount has to be paid.

2) The product will be delivered upon the second payment of 70%.

3) Minimum Order amount 300‚ā¨

4) After 30 days of the request without any initial payment NAE can cancel the order.



1) NAE always has different stock limits for the B2B and B2C.

2) The payment is 100% upfront for the re-orders. 

3) Minimum Order Amount 300‚ā¨




1) NAE can concede credit to the client in a written form.

2) At the maturity date of the second payment and 30 days after invoice closure, Nae can apply interest at a monthly rate of 2%.

3) NAE additionally charges the administrative costs resulting from the non-payment of the client.

4) Please consider 23% VAT for Portugal and without the VAT number inside the EU.



1) 3-5 working days to deliver the order all over the world.

2) Shipment costs are supported by the client.

3) The customer will bear the costs of importation taxes or duties. The exportation cost will be paid by NAE. 

Shipping to the rest of the world:  

A quotation of shipping cost will be sent through an email. 



1) Returns are not accepted unless they have been previously authorized by Nae.

2) Defective products are Nae's responsibility to repair, exchange, or if agreed, a credit note with the same value.

3) Complaints for loss, damage, and non-delivery should be sent through email in 7 days.


1) Cancellations will only be allowed by informing Nae 8 weeks prior to the order delivery.

2) If the cancellation is not informed before 8 weeks of the order delivery, the first payment of 30% will not be refunded.

3) All disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions will be submitted to the District Court of Lisbon, with express waiver of any other.

Nae reserves the right to always agree with different conditions with the clients.