Together for a clean ocean
and fighting plastic pollution

Every year 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean polluting
and depleting our most important shared natural resource.
If we fail to clean up this plastic and continue poisoning our planet, we
face a potential extinction of many species. The entire ecosystem
could collapse.


This is the reason why NAE and SEAQUAL created this partnership, which is committed
to clean as much trash from our oceans and contribute to the end of plastic pollution.
The key to this enormous and complex task is collaboration.

SEAQUAL initiative is a

collaborative community

fighting plastic


Today, a rapidly growing network of fishermen are already involved in the SEAQUAL project. The plastic found in their fishing nets is collected for recycling into high value materials. 

These fishermen are a part of a unique platform - SEAQUAL Friends, which links communities, NGO’S, business and governments in a program focused on reducing plastic waste and creating value in trash recovered from the environment.

Where does it go?

Through SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, plastic cleaned from our oceans shoes and estuaries, by fishermen and NGO’S working with local communities, is collected and sent to specialist centres where it is transformed from waste into plastic flakes, pellets, yarn and finally into recycled textiles.

Recycled PET

While PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is still plastic, it is incredibly recyclable. We hope to see the production of plastic come to an end but in the meantime we can help to reduce the consumption of natural resources by making use of recycled materials; reduce, reuse, recycle. That’s why we decided to turn it into beautiful products for you! First synthesised in the 1940s, PET was popularised for its strong, lightweight nature, which likewise is true of RPET (Recycled PET). When broken down, your old bottles and food containers can be turned into clothing, accessories – and of course beautiful shoes! – making it as easy on your conscience as on your skin.

Meet some of our incredible shoes made with Recycled PET